F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Batch Three

A little behind schedule on this one, as I’ve spent the last week packing and moving. This is the third batch of films created for the F5 RE:PLAY film festival. Our deepest gratitude goes to Ubik, Digital Kitchen, and Imaginary Forces for their participation.

Ubik “Voxel”

Digital Kitchen “Brass”

Imaginary Forces “The First Time”

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is it wrong to say that the imaginary forces one feels incredibly lazy? I mean, in essence they submitted the ice storm titles from bureau and those titles are twelve years old now..


Yep, you’re wrong. I think this film is ethereal and lovely. There were no budgets for any of the pieces and this execution was simply elegant photography with a nice typographic effect.

For the record, the Ice Storm looks like it was created with practical optical effects (likely prisms) while this one seemed to be created with an ink-in-acetone-bath technique.


mmmm. ok.
duly noted, and god knows more than I knew about the acetone!
still tho; while i realise this is, in effect, a technique bonmot.. presenting moody white san serif disintegrating against sympathetically photographed backgrounds is, to be fair, something everyone has seen quite a lot of?
anyway – don’t mean to be snarky, do realise they’re all up in the gods as it were..

Greg Herman

I agree, Very cinematic and cool! Great job on all 3 of those.
I really admire and love this type of work. Stuff that is created for the passion of telling the story, and not because your selling a product. Wish more companies would do more of this type of thing. Stretch out there creativity and make more internal stuff that is not product related.


i was so much waiting for this one!

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