Looking Thru the B-Sides


Looking Thru the B-Sides is a stop-action trip down the rabbit hole that is Golden Lucky’s collective brain. Just watching this short film feels like a mind-altering experience that’s probably illegal in at least 37 states.

What starts as a simple keystone cops premise quickly spins into a tripped out odyssey through colorful landscapes and multiple animation techniques. Despite the visual twists and turns, Looking Thru the B-Sides holds its narrative arc firmly in tact—and that’s what keeps this charmer rolling right along.

The short’s conclusion is as unexpected as the rest of the film and functions as a brilliant neon cherry on top of this electric kool-aid sundae.

Looking Thru the B-Sides was created for Fuel TV, who gave Saiman Chow and the rest of the Golden Lucky crew a wide open brief. Kudos to them for supporting such a fun project.

Head over to the Golden Lucky site for some nice process imagery.

Produced & Directed by Golden Lucky

Mark Groeschner
Josh Libitsky
Jennifer Brogle-Jones

Lead Animation (Stop Motion)
Chad Colby
James Dunlap

Animation (2D)
Joe Vaccarino
Chad Colby
Sean Dougherty
Saiman Chow

Joe Vaccarino
Chad Colby
Ken Edge

Cell Animation
Jonathan Trueblood
Albert Chow
Saiman Chow

Production Assistants
Alexandra Elmquist
Dylan Thuras
James Bollenbaugh

Set/Prop Production
Albert Chow
Peter Schmitt
James Dunlap
Dan Waller
Saiman Chow
Sean Dougherty
Chad Colby
James Bolenbaugh
Patricia Burges
Evelyn Lee

Puppet Wardrobes
Julie Ho
Nick Anderson

Puppet Fabrication
Peter Erickson
James Dunlap

Suzanne Couture

Eli Mavros

Storyboard Artist
Wes Simpkins

Jennifer Brogle-Jones
Jason Jones

Alexandra Elmquist

Special thanks to:
Kevin Robinson, Dennis Go, Josh Libitsky

CJ Olivares: SVP & Asst GM
Jake Munsey: VP Marketing & Promotion
Todd Dever: Creative Director

Special Thanks to
Andrew Hale
Joyce Lee
Mary Traina
Li Han Lin
Dennis Go
William Ismael

Music by
Freefarm (Simon Pyke)
& (final scene) by xmassound (Christmas Jang)