Destino by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney


Destino is a short film written and storyboarded in 1945 by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney that was shelved for financial reasons, but then re-discovered and completed in 2003 by Dominique Monfrey. It was released in a limited run theatrically with the Triplets of Belleville, and may have a 2010 release on DVD. Wikipedia entry here.

How long this will last on YouTube is anyone’s guess, so take a peek before it’s gone.
Edit: The video was removed on Youtube. We’ll all have to wait for the DVD now …

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Beautiful and very Dali


The Wikipedia article sort-of implies it, but Destino was originally being drafted for a second Fantasia. After the first Fantasia bombed, and WW2 hit, with the US Military taking the reigns at Walt Disney Animation Studios, the financial concerns (which Wikipedia cites) where too much. The studio couldn’t afford another Fantasia, so instead, did it’s musical-inspired shorts on cheaper features like “Make Mine Music,” “Melody Time,” and the Spanish flavored “The Three Caballeros.” Amusingly, “Make Mine Music,” and “Melody Time” are generally regarded as the “Poor Mans Fantasia.”

At the link below, Better Midler, in her introduction for “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” (from Fantasia 2000), briefly touches upon the Dali/Disney collaboration, and a few others that where similarly shelved. Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, and is interested in this stuff, check out Disney’s “The Little Match Girl,” (second link below) which was intended for Fantasia 2000, but scrapped because it was perceived as too glum. It really is quite beautiful.


Is there a specific reason they did not put this out for so long?


From what I know najork, they couldn’t find an appropriate place to fit it in, where even in Fantasia 2000, it would seem oddly out of place.


This video has been removed by the user. )=

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Thanks! So the answer is less than 24 hours … ;)


You can find it here:


It’s a wonderful piece, theres one bit of 3d that annoys me, when she’s up the top of the tower and the camera moves while she is looking at the green things.

anyway, amazing piece.
I saw it a couple of weeks ago at the Dali exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.
If anyone is going to be there in the next two months or so I definitely suggest checking it out.


i found it here:

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