Jean-Julien Pous: Gedda Headz “Spaced Out”

Following up on his poetic short film “Seeking You,” director Jean-Julien Pous recently released a new music video for Gedda Headz’ (MySpace) first single, “Spaced Out.”

Like the track, the visuals are a wild blend of analogue and digital. Shot in Hong Kong, because, says Pous, “it’s futuristic and intense, like an Asian Neverland,” the video is a tripped out journey through pop culture and video games shot beautifully by cinematographer Keidrych Wasley.

The video bites off a lot—aside from directing a dozen or so actors and coordinating their stunts with George Jackson, Pous packed his project to the gills with ambitious camera work, including a helicopter shoot. But the production never feels overwrought or Michael Baysian. It just feels fun.

With excellent character design like this, it looks as though Gedda Heads might be following in the footsteps of Gorillaz, channeling their music through their new alter egos. That’d be fine with me. It’d give them a good excuse to hire Jean-Julien Pous again.

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shame about the middle part with the mannequins. feels very “oh lets cram a story into it”…
because the rest of the video is just ace. love the start love the end. awesome mood and pictures.


That tune would be hot except for the chorus… just totally takes me out of it. All around nice video… a little hokey w/ the video game characters, but nicely executed.

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