Ne-o Lights Up the Night for Audi

The release of this one slipped under my radar, but hopefully its new to many of you as well.

For the release of Audi’s new Economy Drive, Ne-o and BBH, London use the analogous form of a bulb to represent the energy saved by the car’s engine stopping when it does.

This black and white piece is packed with stunning cinematic moments as well more human vignettes that fit with Ne-o’s past work. I personally love what they’ve done with the shadow-play on the environment. It’s an added visual layer that really pushes the theme of light to the next level.

 Client: Audi UK
 Title: Economy Drive
 Product: Audi
 Agency: BBH
 Creatives: Paul Yull & Adi Birkinshaw
 Stink Producer: Juliet Naylor
 DOP: Joost Van Gelder
 Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan @ Marshall Street
 Post: The Mill