Bent’s Nando Costa Sings a “Whale Song” for Modest Mouse

Nando Costa’s colorful career recently took another interesting turn when he joined Bent Image Lab as a director/partner. The fruit of that union can be tasted in his first project with Bent, a music video for Modest Mouse’s “Whale Song.”

Nando took time to fill us in with loads of juicy behind-the-scenes details, as well as bringing us up to speed on life after Nervo.

Read the feature here.

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He is cerebral even when showing naked guts.
Beautiful, all the process must have been a delight.


Not very impressive and I wonder why they did use the Red One (other than being able to pan around in 4K)…

Justin Cone

“why they did use the Red One (other than being able to pan around in 4K)… ”

Um, you just answered it, no? Is there any other any other way to pan around like that? I guess they could have shot it with a Mark II…?


Yes, of course – but I think it`s a pity they just exploited the machine`s resolution in order to be able to do some panning. The image itself looks way too grayish and muddy for my liking – ok, but that`s taste…

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