Tim Bollinger: Between

Hot off the festival circuit, Tim Bollinger of Via Grafik recently shared his latest short “Between” with us. This dark, surreal piece travels through grounds and walls and into moments stuck in time. As Tim puts it, “It’s a journey through worlds of the subconscious, allowing us to catch sinister glimpses of the human psyche’s ambivalence.”

Despite the mix of techniques (stop-motion, still photos animation in 2.5D, 3D elements, etc) the film still possesses a consuming visceral and visual cohesion.

Wiesbaden represent.

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Loved it. The transitions between scenes were amazing, got some really cutting edge cinematography in there as well.


dark, disturbing, beautiful.
Great job!

Justin Cone

This is a shining (well, darkly shining, if that’s possible) example of contemporary filmmaking that throws the neat divisions between motion graphics, visual effects and animation to the wind in favor of an immersive experience that defies categorization. I love it.


Absolutely. It seems the modes/techniques or even genres of filmmaking are becoming a lot less disconnected. This is the kind of stuff that really adds something more to motion graphics – gives it a kind of higher purpose.

I think all studios, no matter how commercial or how shiny they are should experiment and push themselves to create this kind of work. For me it really shows the breadth of motion graphics and just how awesome it’s applications can be.


This is one of Tims inspirations:
“in” by Philipp Hirsch

or the short version “inside”

Be sure to check these out, surely underrated, very epic shorts!


Wiesbaden represent. Yeah! :)


I didnt understand it

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