Marco Iozzi updates.

Marco Iozzi has just posted an update of his latest work in visual effects design, look development, traditional photography and digital environments. Spectacular as always,… Read more

Tommy Wooh updates

Tommy Wooh updates with new commercial and photography work.

The PEN Story

Shot with over 60,000 photos, The PEN Story is an epic stop-motion piece utilizing no post-production.

Marco Iozzi: Website Update

Visual Effects Designer, Marco Iozzi, updates his website,, with an array of stunning work that ranges from vfx to cinematography.

Timothy Saccenti Updates

Photographer/Director Timothy Saccenti launches a new site designed by Build™.

Phillip Bloom: Skywalker Ranch

We don’t usually feature straight cinematography work on Motionographer. However, what Director/DP Phillip Bloom was able to capture on Canon 5D and 7D DSLR’s during… Read more

Tim Bollinger: Between

Hot off the festival circuit, Tim Bollinger of Via Grafik recently shared his latest short “Between” with us. This dark, surreal piece travels through grounds… Read more

Onesize: Playground Fest Main Titles

The main title for this year’s Playgrounds Festival, created by Dutch design powerhouse, Onesize, offers us a first-hand look at an action-packed playground battle in… Read more

DAK: Intervelometer

Team DAK’s “Intervelometer” is full of inventive moments and visual surprises