Great infographic piece for a lecture by Jesse Thomas: Design by Chris Lee, Animation by Ken Quemuel

Great infographic piece for a lecture by Jesse Thomas:
Design by Chris Lee, Animation by Ken Quemuel. (via Alba)

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Wow. Some very overwhelming stats in there…
Clean simple animation. Love it.

Brandon Lori

Superb, and almost the same color palette as the Motion Design Census!


I don’t like how there is an ambiguity between what is done by “JESS3” and what is “Jesse Thomas.” I think it’s deceptive and shady. And when you couple that with a very long and self-aggrandizing biography of yourself on a vimeo page, it doesn’t paint pretty picture.

1) This was designed by Christopher Lee
2) This was animated by Ken Quemuel
What role did Jesse play? The copy?

If we want to talk about this design wise, ignoring credits, I’d have to say…

1) Good typographic design, color pallete, and motion.
These aspects I really enjoy.

As a typographic design and animation, I’d say very good.

As an INFOgraphic design and animation, I’d say very BAD.

2) Due to the ammount of info overload this has, it really should have been more infographic.The whole point of infographics is to translate INFO in to GRAPHICS, however 90% of the time the graphic elements here are just decoration. If you take away the numbers, we wouldn’t understand it!

3) The social networks by Country map is interesting and designed well but if feels like an information dump and the user is left to hurriedly digest it, not knowing how much time is left before it’s taken away. The eye needs direction, tell me where to look and how long to look there. (eg: how simple would it be to have each region/color blink into existence one after the other).

4) Tediously long list of Launch Dates at the end. What are you trying to communicate other than the raw information? Are you showing the rise and fall in the number of social networks started each year? Perhaps theres a better way of visualizing that.

I write this only out of love for infographics and motion design! When a piece like this has such high design and production value, it pains me to see it miss the mark on the info-graphic level. You might look at recent Sprint commercials (goodbysilverstien) or the Crisis of Credit.

best wishes –

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

I’ll look into the credits for the video. Thanks, jwest.

I agree with your main points, too. I think this piece is more notable for the design and animation, than for the information its providing, which doesn’t really seem to add up to much overall. So it may be “infographic-style” more than real infographic. There are lots of statitistics, but not a lot of meaning in them.And I totally agree about the Map. That was one place where I really couldn’t “read” what the illustration was saying.

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