Neat AERender and AEae apps from Andrew Hake

Neat AERender and AEae apps from Andrew Hake allow you to easily render in the terminal and open multiple instances of AE. Very cool and free! (Other apps like Nuke and Maya also available …) via AE Portal (Based on code originally developed by Dustin & Cody Beltram.)

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Please remove this link. Many of his tools are stolen code.


Stolen code?? These are not even real apps. Having AE render from the terminal is trivial.


There are some Maya AppleScript applets on his site that he did not initially develop. But the issue has been resolved.


Just want to apologize to csbeltram and everyone else involved with initially putting the idea together.

AppleScript is something I and most of the other developers I know pass around pretty freely and I was not aware of who had initially developed the code (or had forgotten) at the time I began putting my own versions of the apps together.

I will update my site to make it extremely clear how the code was developed and make it very clear all the parties involved now that I know who was behind it.

I think if people take a look at the other apps on my site they will be able to see many I have developed from the ground up.


Bottom line here is that I should have just verified and made sure to credit anyone else who had put together code that this was based off of. Just was not completely who aware had initially developed the couple of lines of code.

If the post can be updated please add that the AE render applets are:

–Based on code originally developed by Dustin & Cody Beltram.

Want to do everything I can to make sure credit is given to anyone involved.


And I suppose I really should also be crediting Apple, and a whole bunch of other people, that wrote the parts of this script, that the original, and my own versions are referencing.

Gotta love:

on open {dropped_item}

end open


People who are tech savvy should look at
it’s a free open source render farm manager, but it needs more developers !
It’s working with AE maya etc.


It is also VERY EASY to configure AE, Maya, Nuke, Shake, and basically any rendering with an app that has a path to its render executable. It is also very easy to setup.

I may put together a quick how to on my site outlining the process.


Sorry should have said:

“It is also VERY EASY to configure AE, Maya, Nuke, Shake, and basically any rendering with an app that has a path to its render executable in Qmaster, which is included with Final Cut Studio, It is also very easy to setup.


Not really sure I understand the purpose… between the Render Engine app and the AE app itself, you can easily render from 3 different projects on one machine.. I never really need more than that.


Is it possible to have After Effects Render Engine and After Effects open simultaneously?

All After Effects Render Engine is, is an AppleScript app that opens AE with “-re” flags from the looks of it.

It would be great if you could just drag and drop projects on After Effects Render Engine and have everything from that project begin rendering, but you have to use a “Watch Folder” setup don’t you?


why would you even need a script to do aerender when all you have to do is drag it over to terminal from the app folder? pure laziness? or am i missing something?


For me it is pure laziness ^_^

Yes it is very easy to drag aerender to terminal and drag in your project file, but the bit of time you save over the long run can add up. That is pretty much the point of all the stuff in Labs on my site, they are by no means groundbreaking.


What is the point of voting comments up or down? Anyways…

Andrew, I don’t understand why you need to apologize to anyone. Unless you actually took the source code from someone who developed the script or they helped you write it. This isn’t a super duper algorithm that makes AE render from the terminal. These scripts, including BGRender, are just wrappers to executing a terminal command. This stuff is freely documented.

And yes you can have AE Render engine and After Effects open at the same time.

Regardless, hope things got cleared up. Thanks for the tools!


I had assumed the content I was referencing was indeed put together from the plethora of free content available right in AppleScript editor and other sites as variable names were the same as code I had myself used before. So I didn’t make a good attempt to learn exactly who was behind what was referenced, and a couple of scripts did get uploaded that were STRONGLY utilizing var names etc. from the original I had looked at. So that is where the apology comes from as it was not my intention to ever do that and due to a big gap of time between looking at the original and me actually putting my own versions together.

It is all resolved now with proper credit given where possible.


Just wanted to post up that I put together a more thorough video on rendering with the droplets and also a pretty thorough walkthrough of how to use Qmaster:

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