Adobe CS5 event in April

Adobe’s announcing the details of CS5 on April 12. Sign up for the online launch event.


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This little preview of PS CS5 looks pretty awesome too:

Brian Walsh

Will there be free beer?


It will take 258 seconds to launch and it will eat 12Go of RAM.
But you will be able to erase a dude on a wall.


Maybe Adobe could sell After Effects back to COSA or any company that would actually care about keeping the product fresh.



Yeah I have been saying that for a while! AE Cs5 won’t be much different than AE Cs4. Being able to use more RAM should be a upgrade you have to pay for it should be free. It’s like buying a car that can’t go on the freeway. Adobe sucks! If you look at all there new tech videos Premiere is getting all the love on the video side to compete with Final Cut Pro. AE will become the equivalent to Apple Motion.

Matt Frodsham

that photoshop demo looks pretty cool, hopefully the 64bit AE speeds things up


I knew cs5 was coming out, but seriously already? I think Adobe needs to start doing upgrades as opposed to putting out a whole new package every year and a bit. It should be criminal! I bought cs4 studio – I’m going to use other means to get cs5. what’s the point in dropping all that cash when my system will be out of date a year later?

soon enough clients will be sending me cs5 ai files and psd and indesign files that I can’t open. really aside from PS, cs4 could have been an upgrade to cs3.


i think the major thing we need from adobe is some serious thought towards backwards-compatibility.

with new CS versions coming out every year, its crazy that we can’t even have limited backwards compatibility. cinema 4d has made this possible for awhile, and of course its not perfect, but it gets the job done.

especially in a production setting where its rare to have a studio full of legit licenses, you shouldn’t be punished for using a legal copy of CS3 by not being able to compete with cracked copies of CS4 and CS5.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

It should NOT BE rare to have a studio full of legit licenses. We all know it happens, but honestly, that’s some shameful sh*t.

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