Gabe Askew’s Ten By Ten

Gabe Askew’s new video for the song “Ten By Ten” by Bluebrain is a really interesting and well-executed piece, and quite a departure from Two Weeks, the unofficial Grizzly Bear video that he put out last year. “Ten By Ten” is skillfully orchestrated and very graphic – clean and elegant. It’s especially impressive, considering Gabe completed this almost completely on his own with no budget. And the new direction shows that he is still exploring and expanding his craft. Kudos.

Read on for a Q&A with Gabe about this piece. (Sorry folks, link fixed now.)



Thiago Maia

Thanks Bran, I really love it. It is nice to see how Gabe worked on this new Music CLip, it is really different from the previous video.
Lovely style and animation, special after he said he sucks in character animation.


i love this in some many ways it isn’t funny. great great work. after reading the synopsis about money problems and so on, it grew more authentic and real. kudos.

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