The PEN Story

Shot with over 60,000 photos, The PEN Story is an epic stop-motion piece utilizing no post-production.

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Of course, they don’t wanna mention their inspiration, cause they didn’t want to do so without his prior agreement. Such as making a add and gettin a lots of money? Writing an email must be hard work for people like this.


I was thinking the same thing until I saw that it was posted as and video response to “Stop motion with wolf and pig”. It’s still frustrating though. Does that really make it any better?


They posted it as response and added their inspiration in the description AFTER reams of people posted the original video in the comments. The best you can do, if so many people caught you.
The sad thing is, “Stop motion with wolf and pig” was already famous, so yo can’t easily rip the idea without gettin a lot of attention, but there are so many great ideas gettin ripped by big studios, from people which are not nearly that famous.


Never mind the ripoff, I’m just so bored by all of this stop motion. I would be way more impressed if they found a way to fake it in 3D.

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