Alex Roman: Silestone “Above Everything Else”

When we first shared Alex Roman’s The Third&Seventh over a year ago, everyone was stunned by the photorealism of his CG worlds. With his latest commercial work, a spot for Grupo Cosentino’s Silestone brand countertops, Roman once again shows his passion for cinematography, lighting and texture.

Although this spot is 100% CG, the beauty of the shots distract the viewer from this amazing fact. Each composition is elegantly balanced: light counterweights dark, chaos challenges order. The sparse soundtrack creates a sense of lightness and wonder, and we are invited into a world that seems so real, so tangible, that we fully accept the glass-like shattering of grapes and peppers.

It almost doesn’t matter that the spot is purely digital. Sure, it’s an eyebrow-raising footnote, but Roman is simply using the tools he knows best to tell his story. He just happens to be pushing the envelope of commercial CG production while he’s doing it.


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Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



respect!. all one guy or no?

Eric Lane

In the vimeo description it says he had some additional cgi help from Juan Ángel García Martinez, and the music was done by ZipZap Music.

His work is simply amazing!

Tyquane Wright

Yup…I think it is all one guy, maybe a little additional CG help.
Can anyone else confirm?

Its still amazing how he nails every shot. The compositing, lighting, and texturing are flawless. It might be technically done well, but his artistic eye is definitely working overtime.

Excellence Alex. Congrats on another dope piece.


yeah, he is a friend of a friend in madrid and confirms its all just him & his creativity and tiiiiime


one guy’s effort is better than most studios output … gotta step my game up now.

Gregory Williams

Of course. This is the way it’s always been. An individual or very small group of people is able to make creative decisions with much more sophistication because ideas don’t have to pass through overly complex production systems.


Stunning. I’d love to see some character animation

Nick Forshee

Okay, artistically beautiful shots. The ideal of this being 100% photo real is completely MIND BLOWING. Show this to anyone outside of our fields and they’ll swear up and down its real with just a nice camera man.

The music and the lighting create such a mood…. BUT FOR WHAT….

It took me 3 times to watch to kinda think… is this for kitchen furniture??
Is that the right answer? The idea and all the work behind all this is stunning
but to me it seems as if its just another case of “lets do something cool” as apposed to steering a consumers direction toward buying a product. The logo at the end and the body of work seem so loosely put together its hard to remember this for what it is really intended for….

Congrats on the incredible achievement in photorealism….
but missed the mark for its sole purpose in advertising.


if you ever talked to an architect/ interior designer you would know how obessive they are about color and material texture, the emphasis here is excatly that, color texture form and light. If you get these things right, the intended target audience would naturally get the message.


I think you’re wrong about its effectiveness. Most people have never heard of Silestone. Now, because of the beauty of this commercial and people’s willingness to share it, this video has gone viral and is drawing attention to the brand that would have otherwise continued to go unnoticed.


In his defense, he and Cosentino are Spanish.  The Spanish version of the commercial had a voice-over through the whole thing.


Bravo. The quality of work of today’s motionographers is so stunning, it’s almost a shame to see them laboring for such mundane products. I suppose it pays the bills.


Completely agree with Nick…..yes the shots are beautiful, but this a classic case of execution over concept. If anything, the end window should have said countertops. Left me totally in the dark about what the product was about.

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