Nicholas Weigel and LAIKA/house for Toys R Us

If you’ve seen any patterns in my posts, you’ll know I’m a sucker for densely populated CG worlds. So when the h0liday Toys R Us campaign from LAIKA/house and director Nicholas Weigel (agency: Rosenbaum) came across my desk, I had to jump on it.

Weigel was last seen on Motionographer for his bang-up job on “The Amazing Flamenco Chef” (also known as “And Then There Was Salsa”) for Tostitos. (Read our interview with Weigel about the project. The spot was recently nominated for a 2010 Annie Award.) Before that, you might have caught Weigel’s signature style as the director of the Fusion Fall cinematic created at Freestyle Collective or as the animation director for “Naturally Juicy” created at Psyop.

This time around, Weigel and team were tasked with bringing Toys R Us’ beloved mascot Geoffrey to life, along with his sidekick Saint Nick (also fairly well-loved).

Feast your eyes on the spot, dig into some creative process images and read our interview with Nicholas Weigel here.


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These ads always catch my eye. I agree with the densely populated CG worlds, but what I’ve always enjoyed about these ads is the lighting. It’s kind of simple, yet everything still pops and has depth.


The amount of characters is unreal! These ads must have cost a fortune!!!

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