Vincent Haycock and Logan for Jamie Woon

Vincent Haycock directs this virtual reality-inspired promo for Jamie Woon’s “Lady Luck” (Production and VFX by Logan)

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Wow…that slow start had me fooled, but then it just kept getting better. Really well done.


interesting use of projection and tracking


great job vince and the roto and tracking teams! awesome concept


Ok, i’ll admit it, i clicked on the link because of the booty.

Good stuff though, I agree that it’s a bit slow in the beginning but does get better.
Great work guys.


Full credits:
Production Company: Logan Director: Vincent Haycock Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis Line Producer: Terence Liff Cinematographer: Matthias Koenigswieser
Post-production: Logan Creative Director: Brady Baltezore Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis Head of Production: Lindsay Bodanza Producer: Joe Clary Designers: Brady Baltezore, Vincent Haycock VFX Supervisors: Ryan McDougall, Julien Branmi Editor: Vincent Haycock 3D Animators: Julien Branmi, Ryan McDougall ,Brady Baltezore, James Grow, 3D Modelers: Terry Wang 3D Tracking: Seung Hyung Lighting/Rendering Artists: Ryan McDougall
Compositors: Brady Baltezore Rotoscopers: Joshua Galbincea, Brian Bloss


nice. its good to get a sense of what went into this. Lots of names there.


good thing that chick had a nice ass or i wouldn’t have made it through the 1st min… good job.


Mom Jean Daisy Dukes?
Really, kinda, not that hot… To each his own, though.

The one and only thing that intrigued/compelled me to continue watching was the name ‘Logan’ attached…. Love the 2hr shoot – 80hr post – aesthetic.

Looks like a lot of work went into this and it’s rad- turned me onto Jamie Woon too. Nice work gang.

Daniel Mochi

Excelent ! 

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