motion2012 coming in October

motion2012 is coming up in October, with a keynote from Dreamworks Animation on the upcoming “Rise of the Guardians.” Get more details here.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.


David Gaitan

Has anyone attended this conference in the past? Is it worth the time and money? I’m looking for a good motion design conference to pitch to my boss and I hadn’t heard of motion until just now.

William Lebeda

Motion is awesome.

I have been going for several years now, as both an attendee and a speaker. Over the last couple of years, it has adopted a ‘Ted’ talk format. Less show and tell about specific projects, and more inspirational and creative philosophy. (Though Roger Evan’s talk about making his Jonny Quest stop motion film was incredible.) I have made a couple of life long friends there too.

Albuquerque is a neat town, with great food. (Unless you hate chile and Mexican, etc…) Last year we took over the back half of the rock-n-roll tiki bar around the corner for the entire weekend. A good time had by all.

Hope to see you there~
William Lebeda
Creative Director
Picture Mill

Andrew Orloff

Motion is great event. You really get a chance to interact with the speakers. The focus is on the creative aspects of technology and well worth it for anyone looking to expand there artistic universe.

Andrew Orloff
Creative Diretor/Co-Founder
ZOIC Studios

Chris Meyer

In general, motion is a lot more “personal” of a conference than others. It’s not all about the tools (NAB); it’s not all about the budget and sucking up to the client (PROMAX); it’s real people with their guard down talking about the realities of doing this work – the love, the inspiration, the sweat, the tears. Held in a cozy art deco theater with a hundred or so of your peers, not a large impersonal ballroom with a thousand nameless faces. You’re not going to come away with an expert certification you can hang on your wall (and we all know some employers require that to justify spending their money), but you’ll probably come away recharged and inspired.

elaine montoya

Hi David,

This is elaine – producer of motion 2012. motion is a very unique show designed not to be your typical ‘show-n-wow’. Instead, the content is all geared towards pros in the industry with topics, that as we say // feed your brain //.

If you’re looking for show-n-wow, motion is probably not a good fit. If you enjoy creative ‘brainiac’ discussions, different ways of looking at things, topics that make you think…motion is a perfect fit.

We’ve found that the attendees who get the most our of it, are pros who have at least 3 years experience in the industry – as much of our content covers topics people newer to the industry haven’t experienced.

For people newer to the industry, they definitely walk away with their eyes opened ;)

It’s also a great opportunity for networking. Many attendees have gotten jobs, picked up new freelance clients, etc from attending.

It’s definitely a unique show – something you have to experience to really ‘get it’.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me at contact [at] motion {dot} tv.

take care,

Steve Campbell

Hands down the best conference I’ve ever attended. I’ve gone the last three years (and bummed that I can’t attend this year due to a conflicting trip). Most conferences are pretty impersonal; motion is the most personable.The speakers are top notch. Not a lot of ego in the room: anybody and everybody talks to everybody, does lunch together. It’s a rolling educational/war stories over dinner/have a beer and start all over the next day kinda show. I’ve made some really good friends of people who’s work I’ve admired for years in motion title design (I work in motion graphics, but for a famous Clinic in the midwest…) A great smashup of film folks/corporate/independent folks and students/educators in a really cool town (and you CANNOT beat the price or venues). Hopefully, I’ll be back again next year…looking at the slate of speakers I’ll miss kinda makes me sad.’nuff said.

Jessie Nagel

I had an amazing time last year. The talks were very inspiring and informative. The format – a hybrid of TED talks and breakout sessions – was terrific. Albuquerque is one of those towns where you can find strange, wonderful and unexpected things including some great restaurants and awesome thrift store shopping. Then for $7 – !! – you can take a train ride to Santa Fe. But getting back to the event itself: in addition to the great production and content, I made industry friends with whom I have stayed in touch and collaborated with this year. So if you want to get a heavy dose of creative inspiration and meet interesting and really great people – attend!

Michael Waldron

I would like to chime in as well. I’ve been a speaker at Motion before and really find the intimate setting and the quality time to meet other speakers as well as attendees one of my highlights of the year. I would highly recommend it.


Hi David,
Definitely worth the time and money! I have attended twice so far and have left the conference pretty inspired and energized. Motion is much more intimate than other conferences so you actually can talk to presenters and industry professionals. It’s a great place to network and pick up tips in the workshops offered as well. I would definitely recommend this conference.

Aside from the conference New Mexico is a cool place if you find extra time. I try and take a day or two to get some photography in at the Balloon Fiesta, White Sands, Santa Fe, Taos, Sandia Peak or the Large Array. When you wrap the conference up with this stuff it’s a no brainer.

Alf de Varona

Hi Dave, I’m going for my second year. As you can see from the responses above, Motion is a unique conference in its scale and content. I met some great people there last year, and am looking forward to seeing you there this year…you’re going right?!

Scott Richardson

I can’t give enough compliments to Elaine for Motion. The coolest thing about the conference is that some of the same extremely talented people that have responded to this thread not only present at Motion but also hang out and attend the conference as well. I went 2 years ago and had some great discussions on a personal level with some of the top talent in the industry.

Bummed that I cannot attend this year but hoping to make it out again next year!

David Gaitan

Well, I suppose that answers my question! Thanks everyone for your replies. I’ll definitely be talking to my boss about going to Motion 2013. Sadly I have deadlines that can’t be ignored while Motion 2012 is in progress.

Becky Padilla

Hi David,

You’ll be missed this year but we’re happy you now know what motion is about.

Mark your calendar now for motion 2013 taking place at the historic KiMo Theatre on October 3-7, 2013.

Encourage your boss to purchase an advanced ticket before the prices go up. On sale now:

Looking forward to meeting you at motion 2013.

Becky Padilla

correction: motion 2013 dates: October 4-6, 2013.

Karin Fong

Hey there
I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at Motion, and can recommend it as a friendly and focused conference.The scale is intimate, and they really put attention to getting an array of content that is both broad enough for general inspiration, but also deep enough to geek out about techniques and process. I’m still in touch with many people I’ve met there–it definitely fosters community.

Mike Heighway

I’m glad everyone is speaking highly of this!! I’ll be attending for the first time this year and am quite excited to touch base with people in the industry. I’ve lived in the city for 13 years, so if anyone needs some advice regarding food, lodging, things to do outside of motion 2012, feel free to drop me a line.

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