Jordan Bruner: Linda McCartney Foods “Love Linda”

This psychedelic love letter of a commercial for Linda McCartney Foods was directed by Jordan Bruner and produced by Passion Pictures NYC/Strange Beast NYC. The animation, created by an all-star team, transports viewers into a fairy-tale world where characters like Horse Boy, Napoleon Dog, Ballerina Cat and Linda, herself, join the McCartney family in a musical fanfare that culminates with a meat-free woodland feast.

Client: Linda McCartney Foods
Agency: Hain Daniels Group
Writer/Creative Director: Simon Aboud
Production Company: Passion Pictures NYC/Strange Beast NYC
Director: Jordan Bruner
Creative Director: Pete Candeland
Producer: Angela Foster
Exec Producer: Belinda Blacklock
Lead Designer: Kim Dulaney
Additional Designers: Jordan Bruner, Stephanie Davidson, Cat Johnston, Erin Althea, Stephanie Davidson, Gordon Waltho
Animation: Jordan Bruner, Lizzi Akana, Blake Patrick, Greg Lytle, Dennis Moran, Chris Cookson, Leah Shore
Lead Compositor/Editor: Lee Gingold
Compositor: Eric Epstein
CG Product Artist: Ed Manning
Final Grade: Absolute Post