Google’s Project Loon and How We Create the Future

Google’s latest gloriously ambitious initiative, Project Loon, is all over the news this week. This beautiful piece – directed by Google Creative Lab with Mixtape Club acting as the production company – explains Project Loon. Wired has also written an in-depth look at the history and goals of the project.

Project Loon is groundbreaking work. But it’s only one of many futuristic projects that Google is involved in. From self-driving cars, to the future of energy, to artificial intelligence, to (yes) Google Glass, the ways in which Google pursues so many mad scientist initiatives – many of which are only distantly related to what actually makes Google money – are what makes the company so interesting.

But do you have to be Google to be so ambitious? Does it take billions of dollars to have the freedom to pursue these crazy (awesome) goals? I don’t think so. We work in an industry that, on a good day, is filled with brilliantly creative folks. What kind of crazy projects are we doing to help create the future? I’m interested to know. Share your stories in the comments – and I’ll put together a roundup.

Directed by Google Creative Lab
Production Company: Mixtape Club
Producer: Bruce Moreau
3D Artists: Sean Moller, Luciano Tapia, Arthur Hur, John Haley, Paul Villacis
2D Artists: Danny Kamhaji, Arthur Hur, Adam Sacks, Jake Armstrong, Bryan Cobonpue, Josh Goodrich

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Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network, a Brooklyn design studio covering everything from broadcast to interactive and experience projects. He also directs short films, and his previous work has appeared in film festivals around the world.


Elliot Blanchard

Since I just threw down the gauntlet, I’ll go first – we’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to do some pretty cool experimental work with generative 3D printing:


Wow – beautiful motion on this. Such an inspired idea to make everything in this out of “line” – great execution all around too.

Y Be Slave

This is nice. It’s hard for me to focus on the messaging cause it blew my mind. Had to watch it twice for the messaging, but then again in a way, it just did it’s job by getting me to repeat it. It’s such a great look and the execution is hypnotic.


Well, I agree with you that you need a bunch of creative and intelligent folks to develop these crazy technologies, but yes you also require a great amount of money (billions of dollars) to invest in the development of these ideas and execute them. Things don’t come for free.

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