Jeff Le Bars: Carn

Director/animator Jeff Le Bars has an impeccable eye for composition and color, as his Emile Cohl 2012 graduation film “Carn” proves.

But the real magic of “Carn” is its story — an aspect of filmmaking most young directors struggle with. Built on a simple, fable-like structure, “Carn” ticks along with satisfying, grim precision until its fateful conclusion. The pacing, like the layout, is spare and artful, brimming with tension achieved through subtraction, not addition.

The music and sound design from Spectral Approche beautifully underscore the film’s emotional power.

Hat tip to Ash Thorp.

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WOW! blew me away -amazing everything.

I love the use of 2d and 3d. The 3d (the characters are 3d right?) is especially great as it blends so well with the bg’s. Would be great to see a behind the scenes.


Couldn’t agree more – a lovely short, full of exquisite production design and a very solid story. Gets better and better with every view.


Hauntingly beautiful! As stated, from visuals to sound design.

What I want to know is, what are the curriculums like in these french schools that are spitting out such talented kids?
I can only gather from looking at his portfolio (and others) that they are trained traditionally, learning the basics of animation and design (without a computer).

Mike Tosetto

This is such stunning work. The story feels so original and it just blew me away. Wow!!!


Great work. Quite impressive effects for story telling.

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