Ender’s Game motion graphics reel

The Ender’s Game motion graphics reels is every bit as epic as you’d expect. Lead Graphics Designer Ash Thorp and Lead Motion Graphics Artist Jayse Hansen marshaled a battalion of talented artists to create intricate sequences bursting with detail.


Ash Thorp
Lead Graphics Designer
Jayse Hansen
Lead Motion Graphics Artist
Ryan Cashman
Motion Graphics Concept Animator
Navarro Parker
Motion Graphics Animator
Alasdair Willson
Motion Graphics Animator/Reel Title Animation
Paul Beaudry/G-creative
Lead Motion Graphics Artist
Franck Deron
Reel Edit
Matthew E Butler
Digital Domain VFX Supervisor
Ben Procter and Shawn Haworth
Production Designers
Gladys Tong
G-Creative Supervisor
The Four Seasons / Recomposed by Max Richter (2/4)
Final compositing by Digital Domain and Goldtooth Creative
©Oddlot Entertainment / ©Summit Entertainment