84000 “Words of the Buddha”

Giant Ant creates “Words of the Buddha,” an elegant 2D promo for non-profit 84,000.

The non-profit, 84000, has an enormous task ahead of them: tackling the 95% of Buddhist texts that have never been translated into modern languages. We helped them create a video that would spread their message and gain support, voiced by the ever-exuberant Russell Brand.


Client: 84000
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews
Script: Leah Nelson (in collaboration with 84000)
Creative Direction: Leah Nelson, Jay Grandin
Art Direction & Design: Lucas Brooking
Animation Team: Henrique Barone, Matt James, Lucas Brooking, Jay Grandin
Music & Sound FX: Ryland Haggis
Voiceover: Russell Brand

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