If you’re in need a good chuckle, take five minutes to watch the lovingly crafted “JohnnyExpress,” the latest short from Korea-based Alfred Imageworks.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



Haha, fun piece. Alfred Imageworks has done some nice work.

Justin, any chance you can get an interview with these guys?
I’m always curious what other markets are like (mograph/animation) and seeing how we never really hear much about South Korea when it comes to stuff like this, thought it’d be nice to get some insight.

Justin Cone

An interview is a great idea. I’ll reach out. Thank you!

Justin Cone

Just an update: Alfred Imageworks is inundated with all the press requests they’re getting while trying to prep the film for entry to film festivals. They asked me to reach back out to them in 2-3 weeks, which I will do.

Erik Lauritzen

Yeah, this is such a fun short. Great to see it posted here!

Andrés Rosas Hott

luv it!


This is some Pixar shorts level quality! I loved the whole thing. Watched it three times and was still laughing.


Very cool, very funny


I luv it! Great work!


여기서 aiw를 볼줄이야

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