Gergely Wootsch: Penny Dreadful Portraits “Dracula”

To promote Showtime’s moody new drama/horror series, Penny Dreadful, Gergely Wootsch directed this evocative visual essay about the cultural significance of Bram Stoker’s Dracula as told by historian Matthew Sweet.

“Dracula” is the third project in a series of three looking at fictional figures in horror. “Dorian Gray” and “Frankenstein,” also directed by Wootsch, are below.

Submitted by Jrcanest via reddit


Commissioned by Sky
Directed by Gergely Wootsch
Animation and additional design by:
Iria Lopez
Daniela Negrin Ochoa
Joe Sparkes
Luiz Stockler
Sound by: Marian Mentrup
Production manager: Laura Thomas
Special thanks to The Amsterdam Museum.
Producer: Steve Smith

Produced by BEAKUS