“My Mom’s Motorcycle”

If you’ve haven’t seen Douglas Gautraud’s “My Mom’s Motorcycle,” take a few minutes to check it out.

Unlike a lot of the work we post here, it’s all live action, but it was crafted with a designer’s eye for detail. While its tableaux of carefully arranged objects might call Wes Anderson or Jean-Pierre Jeunet to mind, Gautrad has created a visual language that feels personal, almost confessional.

Gautraud’s fastidious curation of familial artifacts tells us as much about Gautraud as it does his family, revealing a lens of self-doubt through which the young filmmaker/protagonist sees his own life.

Gautraud’s conclusion that his forebears lived to give feels a tad saccharine and tidy, but the bittersweet sale of the motorcycle leaves a satisfying lack of resolution in its wake.

Submitted by Jrcanest via reddit