“Interesting Ball” is, in fact, very interesting [NFSW]

Warning: Not safe for work (by most people’s standards)

Directing duo Daniels have long been one our favorites here at Motionographer. Their latest short film, “Interesting Ball” shows off their maturity as filmmakers without abandoning the surreal moments of juvenile humor they’re known for. This might just be the most interesting short film of 2014.

Hat tip to Will Adams


An Interesting Ball
Harol – Bryan Condon
Sharely – Ani Raya-Flores
Cafe Scene
Waymond – Waymond Lee
Djenna – Rosa Handelman
Daniel – Daniel Kwan
Daniel – Daniel Scheinert
Backy Rotch – Allyn Rachel
Pranker – Asa Seret
Michael Rotch – Jonathan Wang
Ashley – Jesse Fleece
Doog – Dugan O’Neal
Abanda – Kourtney Gleason
Mike Dempsey
John Lyke
Mark Golembeski
Mike Yorke
Mike Riccitelli
Kyle Garrity
Mark Rosen
Timothy Eulich
Jason Kisvarday
An Interesting Ball story by:
Justin Becker
Broformers story by:
Benjamin & Alex Brewer
Prank story by:
Dustin Emerson Straube & Daniel Scheinert

Executive Produced by:
Ravi Amaratunga
Juliette Larthe
Margo Mars
Ali Brown
Produced by:
Daniel Scheinert & Stefanie Lynch
Cinematography by:
Larkin Seiple
Matt Sanderson
Production Design by:
Jason Kisvarday
Ali Rubinfeld
Editing by
Paul Rogers
Daniel Kwan
Score by:
Alessandro Tabora
Art Team:
Kelsi Ephraim
Carli Moloney
Assistant Directed by:
Jesse Fleece
1st AC:
Jonathan Dec
Zac Adams
Ken Tanaka
2nd AC:
Mike Tubridy
Matt Ardine
Set Assistance by:
Eleanor Marks
Hair & Makeup by:
Eleanor Marks
Wardrobe by:
Corban Poorboy
Caleb Jackson
Additional Editing:
Kyle Brown
Kyle Gilbertson
Special Effects by:
Brandon Hirzel (BEMO)
Kirsten Lepore
James Kwan
Coloring by:
Ricky Gausis (MPC LA)
Sound Design by:
Brent Kiser
Special Thanks:
Rebecca Davis
Prettybird Staff
Kitchen Mouse
Justin Gaar
Ted Tremper
Samantha Margherita
Charm City Cakes
Laura Gonzalez
Julie Hook
Joyce Kim
Elisha Yaffe
Tasha McCrory
Helena Gaar

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