Yule Log 2.015

Your favorite digital holiday tradition is back!

For the third season in a row, the Yule Log project has invited artists from around the world to re-imagine the traditional Yule log and bring one of the season’s greatest customs into the modern age. With Yule Log 2.015, enjoy burning brand new wildly-surprising, festive-inducing, merriment-making, cheer-bringing Yule Logs.


(Special props to Robbie Junge for leading the website design!)

daniel-savage_the-circle-of-log December Embers - house special Eran Hilleli_untitled jay-quecia_pup in smoke oddfellows_Snow Drifts and Chimbley Nymphs

Get over to Yule Log 2.015 and warm up your eye sockets now.

A little history…

Yule Log 2.0 was started in 2013 by Daniel Savage. 66 artists from all different disciplines were invited to reimagine the WPIX-11 Yule Log. 53 unique films were made. Partnering with digital agency Wondersauce, they created a web experience allowing users to play all logs on endless loop. 

Within one month of launching, over 1 million logs were burned. In 2014, they invited animation studio Oddfellows to act as a guest curator, 82 films were submitted. In the past three years, just under 200 films have been created for the project.


  • Viacom / MTV Networks lobby Dec 2015 – March 2016 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036
  • Big Screen Plaza Time TBD 851 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10001
  • Bric Building Dec 15th 2015 – 31st 647 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Dumbo Tree lighting Dec 7th 2015 Projected onto the Manhattan Bridge


Created and curated by Daniel Savage
Site designed and developed by Wondersauce
Lead Designer: Robbie Junge
Music: Friendship Park
Copywriter Liz Marks


(In no particular order)
Daniel Savage
Julian Glander
Marcin Zeglinski
Patrick Clarke
James Wignall
Ariel Costa (blinkmybrain)
Joshua Catalano
Adam Grabowski
Eran Hilleli
Yussef Cole
Patrick Macomber
Patrick Finn
Miguel Jiron
Sam Ballardini
Ross Phillips
Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Andrew Herzog
Pedro Sanches
Ryan Gillis
Ryan Cox
Markus Magnusson
Angie Son
Shawn Kim
Matt Delbridge
Seth Hulewat
Slanted Studios
Michelle Higa Fox
Ana Kim
Jennifer Vance
Yuki Yamada
Stan Cameron
Nata Metlukh
Jarratt Moody
Chris Kelly
Kavan Magsoodi
Colin Trenter
Thiago Masci
Kirk Kelley
Alan Cook
Suzanne Twining
Lourri Hammack
Rebecca Bowen
John Nolan
Cam Williams
Katie Mello
Margaret Meyer
Jess Bronk
Rob Melchior
Clay Connally
Jake Hauswirth
Rob Melchior
Erica Johnson
Allan Steele
Chris Immroth
Josh Tonneson
Nikie Monteleone
Matt Reslier
John Lally
Walter Behrnes
Jose Diaz
John Corbett
Alex Webster
Seth Eckert
Peter Clark
Po-Chen Chia
Daniel Oeffinger
Erica Gorochow
Jeremy Abel
Evan Anthony
Justin Lawes
Drew Tyndell
Chris Lohouse
Salih Abdul-Karim
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
austin robert
Ben Hill
Keetra Dean Dixon
Mercy Lomelin
Josh Parker
Parallel Teeth
James Curran
Ian Sigmon
Marcus Bakke
Nick Forshee
Conrad McLeod
Skip Hursh
Alicia Reece
Emory Allen
Robin Davey
Justin Cassano
Jay Quercia
Cole Clark
Pierce Gibson
Jen Lu
Tim Nolan
Christina Lu
Brian Gossett
Black Math
Ege Soyuer
Nick Petley
Wesley Ebelhar
Jerry Liu

While the artists for Yule Log are by invite-only, you can apply to be considered for Yule Log 2.016 here


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