Audio + Visual: Invisible Snake Promos

Despite industry trends towards intense specialization and all-digital workflows, Impactist has stayed true to their interdisciplinary, mixed media roots. 

For well over a decade, Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing, the couple behind the Portland, Oregon-based studio, have been making music and visuals in equal measure. They divide their time between personal projects and commercial projects, using the latter to fund the former.

It’s an approach that has allowed them to stay comfortably outside the mainstream, crafting work that is personal, quirky and unexpected. Their latest in-house effort is a series of four promos for their recently released EP, “Invisible Snake.”

While radically diverse in terms of technique, all of the promos feature a rectangular prism, a nod to the home of the titular invisible snake.


“Oh Sparky”

“Invisible Snake”

The fourth promo, “Trophyatrophy” is a print promo. Impactist explains:

For a limited time, you email us your postal address to We mail you the promo. You download or stream “Trophyatropahy” while you flip through the book. Done. You keep the promo as a physical piece of Impactist and Invisible Snake. You live the remainder of your days satisfied and fully developed as a freshly enlightened human being.


Shot of the print promo for “Trophyatrophy”

“Invisible Snake” is available for download or streaming on iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotify and Apple Music.

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MotionGraphics Freelance

Really cool stuff.
A little off topic, but I’d be curious to know how does a studio get their foot in the door to land a series package like the one they did for FX’s Fargo. That project is awesome

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