Ray Dynamic Texture

Anyone who’s ever tried to wrangle an After Effects project with complex textures knows how cumbersome it can be. Sit back and prepare to have your mind blown by Sander van Dijk

From Sander:

Ray Dynamic Texture is the solution to tedious texture work.

A while back, I realized how many repetitive tasks I was doing in After Effects.
It’s tedious work setting up textures one-by-one with all the correct settings, looking for effects and expressions that I had previously used, and copying and pasting them from one project to another. These tasks really interrupted my creative process and I couldn’t help but think, “How can this be done better?”

The tool can store your most used assets for a project. Storing texture libraries is not a new thing, but what makes Ray so effective is that it includes the layer settings, blending modes, applied effects, keyframes, expressions and layer styles. Its simplicity is key: after you’ve set it up once, all you need to do is press one button, which pulls that layer into your current composition—or you can apply it directly as a texture to any selected layer. In addition to this, the tool can store effects, shapes and expressions—while you’re working, all with one click.

You can find Ray Dynamic Texture on aescripts + aeplugins here.

Hat tip to Blink my Brain’s Ariel Costa for the texture pack.

Get Started Basics

Import Texture Palettes:

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