nice stuff!

Rick Kump aka worldpattern recently finished a reel of his first round of projects which I found had a nice subtle sense of design to… Read more

Justin MIA

Just a quick note to those who’ve been sending me (Justin) messages and wondering why the hell I haven’t responded. I’m in London, and after… Read more

Buck Update

Buck just updated their site with a few notable spots: a branding for this year’s World Cup, and some action-packed Spike TV shorts. The World… Read more


The Rock Collection has a little update.

MK12 new reel…

I’m sure everyone has seen already as it’s been posted elsewhere, but it’s worthy of noting. It contains glances at a few unfamiliar works mixed… Read more


Disney / Pixar presents Ratatouille!

Charlie Co is hiring, hooah…

Charlie Co is looking to hire a full-time designer/animator, send online portofolio to

Eclectic Method

Saw this group perform the other night at RES 10 in Hollywood…talk about some audio-video mashups, these guys totally rocked the house!

Stop Motion Goodness

I had been wondering where PES went as I hadn’t seen much from him in awhile. But alas, he is back, and his genius is… Read more

Three Legged Legs: New Site

Three Legged Legs have refreshed their web presence, and it is everything I had hoped it would be. They are nauseatingly good. In fact, I… Read more