Ballast | Luminayre: Let’s Get Back To Life, Together.


From the creator:

With with a series of animated videos, product imagery and website build, Ballast created the branding and launch for LUMINAYRE®, a collection of ground-breaking devices designed to bring clean air to shared spaces by killing airborne pathogens.

Early in the pandemic, with film and commercial production on hold indefinitely, LUMINYS decided to take proactive measures in battling Covid 19. Pioneers in lighting systems with products like the SoftSun® and LightingStrike®, LUMINYS CEO/CTO David Pringle and President Rich Amadril focused the team on developing germicidal, ultraviolet light solutions by leveraging their core technology knowledge and expertise in lighting design and manufacturing. LUMINAYRE®, an innovative product that would obliterate covid virus particles, making shared ‘breathing zones’ much safer.