Inside the mind of a killer: Clipping’s “Shooter” music video

Carlos López Estrada

Restrained, subtle and powerful, the music video for Clipper’s “Shooter” (directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada) is a great example of how far some simple compositing and (perhaps not-so-simple) editing can go.

Love the way the understated choreography of MC Daveed Diggs and the supporting actors creates alternating moments of synchronization and dissonance throughout the track.

From the creator:

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Produced by Kelli Kay
Choreography: Voltaire Wade-Greene
Director of Photography: Albert Salas
Production Designer: Annie Chernecky
Editor: Ashley Roby
VFX: Basa Estudio
Wardrobe: Natasha Kutrovacz
Production Company: Digital Bodega

Voltaire Wade-Greene
Daniel Watts
Morgan Marcell
Hope Easterbrook
Ephraim Sykes
David Guzman