Exxon / Mobil “The Dot”


From the creator:

We were asked by AMV BBDO to bring life to their story of ‘the dot’.

The film follows the journey of a single dot, transforming into and interacting within various worlds.

Produced over a period of 2 months, we created a mixed-media film compromising of paper craft, stop motion, claymation, CGI and cell animation - all carefully orchestrated to morph from one into the other.

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Angélique Georges

This is beautifully executed, I must say. I’m compelled to mention, however, that this brings up a question of ethics for me. While we’re showing imagery of a beautiful green Earth with bees flying around pollinating flowers, we’re advertising a company who is actively destroying the environment. I don’t want to start an argument here, I just think that this is the perfect moment to remind anyone interested that it is important for all of us to think carefully about which clients we take on, and what messages we put out there in everything we do. That’s all from me. Continue with the pretty things.

Eric Kreidler

Well said.

Kavon Zamanian


Artur Jurzyk

huge comfort to chose clients… and reject (probably) huge budgets like this one…

David Fenner

I´m troubled by this. At the end of the commercial, when it says “Find out how Mobile Industrial Lubricants can help advance your productivity”, it should add “(Offer doesn’t include grandchildren’s productivity).


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