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Hobbes, a design and animation studio out of Detroit, MI, partnered with VWLS and Firefly Drone Shows to produce the music video for “High in Heaven,” performed and shot by drones. The video features a 300-foot-tall realistic face that lip syncs to the vocals using facial capture data to drive 200 drones. Directed by Hobbes, operated by Firefly, and featuring vocals by Josh Epstein and Louie Louie, “High in Heaven” captures the essence of the new media and is yet another exciting step forward in the application of art and technology.



Hobbes Team:
Nick Forshee, Adam Zimmer, Eddy Nieto, Ben Dresser, Ashley Carey, Samantha Griffith

VWLS Team:
Josh Epstein, Louie Diller, Graham Rothenberg, Justin Spindler

Firefly Team:
Kyle Dorosz, Ryan Sigmon, Connor McGaffey, Dave Ketelhut, Bryce York, Josh Cobb

Hiatus Team:
Edited by Josh Beebee, Produced by Joshua McGee

Ground Footage:
Cy Abdelnour, Eugene Wilson

Special Thanks:
Pine Knob Ski Resort, Holly Cloud Hoppers, Out of Office Management


Hobbes exists to bring animation to unexpected places–and the night sky serving as the backdrop to a 500x500x500ft canvas is certainly one of them. For more detailed information about the project, find the Press Kit with links to the music video, BTS video, image/gif gallery, credits, and so on here.


From the creator:

For a behind the scenes look at how a giant singing head found its way to the sky, click here: https://youtu.be/k6zYz_9bzWg

The "High in Heaven" official video features 200+ choreographed drones filmed as they flew overhead at Pine Knob Mountain in Clarkston, MI during the summer of 2020

The amazingly talented people at Hobbes (www.hobbes.work) and Firefly Drone Shows (https://www.fireflydroneshows.com/) made this creative endeavor possible and to them endless gratitude is owed.

If you find yourself with creative ambitions that feel bigger than yourself, seek out other people to help make them special. Greatness is often found in the agency of others.

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