League of Legends “God Fist Lee Sin”

Golden Wolf

From the creator:

What’s a king to a god?

Riot Games introduce a brand new playable character into their hugely popular League of Legends online community last week and we had the pleasure of working with them to create an animation showcasing the release of the mighty God Mode Lee Sin.

We decided that the only opponent worthy of Lee Sin’s god-like powers would be nature itself, here embodied by fearsome elemental rock adversaries. Set against a desolate, primitive environment, Lee will crush all that cross his path.

Directed by Golden Wolf
Produced by Blacklist

Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Art director: Ewen Stenhouse
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Julien Belin, Pierre de Menezes, Victorin Ripert, Tristan Mernard
2D Animation: Gaia Lamiot, Thomas Eide, Mattias Breitholtz, Tim Whiting, Yino Huan, Marlène Beaube Alessandra Sorrentino, George Johnson, Joanna Boyle, Olly Montagu
Additional 2D clean up by Amix Film Studio
Compositing: Mike Tyler

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