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State of Secrecy

From the creator:

Art Direction: James Heredia
Design & Animation: James Heredia & Casey Latiolais
Lighting & Texturing: Drew Nelson
Sound Design & Mixing: Jeff Moberg

Profinder is a service provided by Linkedin that helps local businesses hire top freelance professionals. Together we crafted this visual direction and narrative that would live across a variety of platforms.

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David Clulow

Let me start by saying that this looks great. And it’s very well made. But should we not talk about how much this looks like it could have been for facebook? I mean, it’s probably a request from the client, and it could be indicative of the way that linkedin is becoming facebook, but it just feels a little…strange. I have read a couple of posts recently about the ubiquity of certain styles of illustration used by tech companies. Is the same thing happening in animation? Should it be challenged or should I just keep quiet while clients are paying animation studios and individuals to make nice work?



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