Mercedes-Benz – Stronger Than Time


From the creator:

A timeless vehicle that was to become an icon through the years. A landmark of automotive engineering, it’s DNA preserved in 44 tons of Amber, now reborn in the all new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

To prove that the legend lives on in the new 2018 models, Ole Peters and the team transitioned between macro perspectives of amber resin, vast landscapes and epic urban structures.


Client: Daimler AG
Agency: antoni, Berlin
Production: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Ole Peters
Music & Sound Design: Yessian Music

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Brandon Kalyan

From the VFX, Cinematography and Sound Design; everything was just so beautifully crafted and put together!, I wasnt that fond of the ending typography but nonetheless, amazing!

Jens Blank

Beautifully crafted & stunning visuals. But conceptually I don’t find this interesting. Comparing a car with DNA – yeah sure, why not… A commercial from boys for boys. Buy this offroad vehicle and it will complete you as a man. -Yawn.

David Lowdermilk

I agree with you…. I found myself Fast-Forwarding through it to get to the end.

Marcos Emanuel Fraguela

I heard DNA cannot be preserved (at least not in the way that is shown, that is, through a dead body – the insect). Amazing visuals though


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