ON: Taming Giants


From the creator:

AKA Director Manddy Wyckens’ new work for Sporting Brand ON tells the story of a young couple’s quest as they climb mountains, traverse glaciers and eventually ascend Mont Blanc.

The brief was to tell this story in the context of a fairy tale journey whereby hidden mountain ‘giants’ are depicted as adversaries to our heroes. However, in due course, as the couple prove themselves worthy, the mountain giants become their friends.

Set in the Swiss and French Alps the background design is reminiscent of stylish 1920s travel posters. At once elegant and visually stunning, Manddy’s keen eye keeps the animation style restrained and fluid, with performances animated by hand in TV Paint and After Effects. This poised and atmospheric film which was produced by Studio AKA.

Manddy says of the film:

This project is a bid at taking a live-action mountaineering challenge and reinterpreting it with added magical elements that translate the danger, hardships, and the immense forces of nature at play. To do so, we created a very minimal design, a palette in shades of blue and an immense landscape to immerse the viewer within the mountain’s atmosphere. All of this was done while keeping in mind that those landscapes would be giant - as well as populated with literal giants. There were a high number of constraints – however, the constraints are what makes the final project look so singular.

Client: ON
Agency: Brother&Son
Design and Direction: Manddy Wyckens
Animation Producer: Sharon Titmarsh Animation: Ludivine Berthouloux, Lea Justum & Michelle Chan
After-FX and Compositing:
Ignatz Johnson-Higham
Editor: Nic Gill
Production STUDIO AKA


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