The Shins “The Great Divide”

Paul Trillo

From the creator:

"The Great Divide" by The Shins

There is a palpable rift in our country, our world, our reality. "How could this be real?" we ask ourselves on a daily basis. "The New Normal" is constantly redefined. "Are we living in the darkest timeline?" We wonder. "The simulation is glitching." We muse. The great divide is happening between humans, between the planet, between the universe. Take a step back and reflect on where we came from and where we're going.

Directed by Paul Trillo
Produced by Jen Alvares (Hunters House) and Paul Trillo
Creative Director for The Shins: Jon Sortland
Executive Producer: Oscar A. R. Chow
CGI Studio: Hunters House Entertainment Group

Aesthetica Film Festival
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience
Anibar Animation Festival
Austin Music Video Festival
AXD Short Film Festival
Beloit International Film Festival
Bogota Music Video Festival
Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA)
Columbus International Film & Animation Festival
Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
International Music Video Awards
International Music Video Underground (WINNER)
Irvine International Film Festival
LA Music Video Awards
Las Vegas Music Video Awards
london Shorts
Long Island International Film Expo - LIFE
Miami Short Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Oxford Film Festival
Paris Film Festival
Paris International Film Awards (WINNER)
Portland Film Festival
Ravenheart International Film Festival
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Sydney Short Film Festival
Tacoma Film Festival
Yucca Valley Film Festival


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