One – An Apollo 11 homage


From the creator:

In celebration and appreciation of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission, we created a fully animated film: One - An Apollo 11 Homage. We would like to share this latest project with you.

The anniversary will take place this coming Saturday, the 20th of July 2019, the moment the first man ever landed on the moon 50 years ago.

In our opinion this has been one of mankind’s biggest achievements. It shows the ability of dreaming big, unification and teamwork.
This mission shows that humanity, together, can achieve the impossible.

As 600 million people around the globe watched this milestone, for the first time all the people on this Earth were truly one.

This film is a tribute to this achievement and a creative exercise to make a contemporary animation, showcasing the highlights of the Apollo 11 mission.

We are proud to share that the film will be showcased by ESA, Discovery Network, ARTIS the Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Dutch Public Broadcast Channel and Bright during celebratory events around the 50th anniversary.

Full Case:

Music Behind the Scene:

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Directed by: Marvin Koppejan
Produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam

Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser

Animation, Edit & Composite: Marvin Koppejan

Additional 3D shots:
Tim van der Wiel
Ernst Noort

Thanks to: Nina Fabel & Jonas Koppejan, Moa Nordin, David Gieling, Pedro Botsaris, Simon van de Rijdt, Marthe Duits & Marina Kagan.

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