OpenClassrooms – Idents

Clim Studio

From the creator:

OpenClassrooms, one of the most recognisable educational digital platforms in Europe, reached Clim Studio to create and produce this family of 3 idents with the idea of raising awareness around the apprenticeship scheme for students and employers. Increasing both their talent pool and the number of business looking for apprenticeships.

Clim collaborated again with one of his studio colleagues, the talented Edgar Ferrer and together wanted to focus on simplicity by representing one strong and direct concept for each of the idents.

Abstract visual metaphors, beautiful set designs and detailed animation were our tools to create these surrealistic scenes where we can find different whimsical representations of work-places, set-skills, talents and professionals.


Co-directed by:
Clim & Edgar Ferrer


Conceptualisation: Clim & Edgar Ferrer
Creative and Art Direction: Clim
Animation: Edgar Ferrer
Music and Sound Design: Murmur Audio

Produced by:
Clim Studio

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