“Other Side,” a stunning CG film seeking to bridge a divided world


A biting social critique that just so happens to be 100% CG. Impressive work from Thom Haig.

From the creator:

‘In this moment of unprecedented prosperity and technological advancement, we find ourselves in a paradox: we are divided.’

Inspired by recent paradigm shifts in global politics, Other Side is a full CG-animated short film exploring the increasing divide between social groups and ideologies. In questioning the dominance of ideas such as meritocracy and individuality, Other Side suggests the possibility of alternative ways to think, and to live.


Written and Directed by: Thom Haig
Lead 3d Artist: Thom Haig
Script: Sara Stafford
Original Score and sound design: Sono Sanctus
Simulation Artist: Ben Watts
Character Animation & Rigging: Can Erduman
Character Animation: Tom Stratford
Screen Graphics: Gordon Spurs & Thom Haig
Voiceover: Matt Abbott
3D Asset Development: Patrick Letourneau & Ondrej Zunka

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Alexis Seven

Amazing, thanks for this.


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