Mesermizing minimalism in the TEDxNingbo opener


Somei used pi (π) as his jumping off point for exploring circles and other geometric forms in this 60fps opener for TEDxNingbo.

If this looks familiar to you, the aesthetic is a continuation of the visual language created by Bito in the 2014 opener for TEDxTianhe.

From the creator:

Hawa,the Organizer of TEDxNingbo, ask me if I can create a motion opening for their new event.and send me the kv they have already designed. and it reminds me of another really awesome opening created by Bito
I think it's fine ,and also a good chance to do a non-profit project,so I agree and make this little opening in my free time.

the title of this event is "π“,so I came up with "3.1415926...","circle"and "illusion triangle”and try to combine it together and make it as simple as possible

and I also create some loop gif from this project ,you can find it here:

Software:After effect
Motion Design :Somei 孙世晟
Music & SFX : 大囍记
Kv design:CH-LAB

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Andrew Bird

The fibionacci gif is making my head hurt… in a wonderful way :)
I tip my cap to you!

Avish John

I love how the 60fps looks. Does it play in 60fps ?

Justin Cone

Yes, I believe you’re seeing it in 60fps here. (Vimeo and YouTube both support 60fps playback.)


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