The Great New York State Fair

Not To Scale

From the creator:

The Great New York State Fair and Campbell Ewald approached Not To Scale New York to create a film inspired by the main reason people are drawn to the fair: fun.

Directed by Elliot Lim, the animated, illustrative spot extols the virtues of the event in a fun and humorous way, communicating a visiting family’s enjoyment while also being itself a joy to watch. Comical details mixed with beautiful design means the spot appeals to children, families and adults alike, showing off the myriad of activities and entertainment available to the Fair’s visitors.

Client: Great New York State Fair
Agency: Campbell Ewald
Agency Producer: Antonio Burnett
Production Company: Not To Scale New York
Executive Producer: Eve Strickman
Producer: Brittany Wimmer
Senior Animators: Alex Smith, Geoffrey McDowall, Stephen Vuillemin, Nicholas Brooks
Animator: Kehinde Omisore
Compositor: Rachel Rardin

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