The Shark In The Park


From the creator:

The Shark in the Park visualizes the growth and development process of a special strawberry species called “Parco Pistris” which has been discovered by a Korean scientifical research group KSPRI in 2016. KSPRI commissioned animation-director-collective Polynoid to take their research and create a visualisation that would feature all of the actually pretty stunning facts about the plant and still be entertaining in order to bring the piece not only to a biology focused but wider and younger audience.

If you’re looking for further info, here are all the details:

Client - KSPRI (Korean Strange Plant Research Institute)
Director – Polynoid
Production Company & Animation Studio – Woodblock
Producer – Selina Schmitt
Artists – Fabian Pross, Tom Weber, Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Sarah Eim, Michael Heberlein, Mars Dolschon, Markus Eschrich, Ivan Vasiljevic, Marco Kowalik, Roman Hinkel, Paul Schicketanz, Thorsten Löffler, Moritz Gläsle, Roman Kälin, Pascal Flörks, Felix Deimann, Tim Jockel
Sounddesign – Dolphin Smiles
Music – Hot Sugar "There's A Man Waiting At The Bottom Of The Stairs"

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And is this a real plant or an imaginary one? Im leaning towards imaginary very heavily. I could find no other references of such a plant. Also…if it exists what does it taste like. Also, why did you choose not to show how the plant picks up the worm?

Gerardo Téllez

At the end they share a link to the explanation of the plant… so I guess it does exist… incredible!

Justin Cone

Both the site and the plant are works of fiction. Polynoid’s having a little fun, that’s all.

Props to them for going so far in trying to sell their fictional idea, but trust me: it’s all made up.


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