Benny Box | The Wanderers

Benny Box

From the creator:

A short animation about a grand adventure.

The Wanderers is a short story about the mysterious and potent force called ‘the call of the unknown’: To walk through the tall grass of faraway places without knowing where the journey ends, lit a bonfire in the darkness with a lizard on your shoulder, or cross deserted landscapes with and arrow shot through your hat.

The feeling slowly established itself during the pandemic, an increasing sense of longing for freedom. Usually we humans are creatures of habit and routine, but after a year where many of us have had mostly four walls and ourselves for company, our team started dreaming about seeking lost places and finding unlikely friendships.

With some amazing new talent at the studio, we really wanted to explore a new style and play with new techniques, so we went for a short cell animated sequence with hand-painted backgrounds. We had a strict limit at 20 seconds, where we really wanted to exploit a richer and more detailed style than usual.

The strict time limit was quickly tossed in favour of a more fleshed out journey into the unknown. New scenes and possibilities kept begging to be made, so we couldn’t really stop that quickly. The short ended up being 1 minute, so just 3 times the initial planned length - that’s the way with it is with all great journeys: You never know what happens along the way.

Produced by Benny Box
Concept by Sigurd Grelck, Camilla Woldby & Esben Fisker
Creative Director: Esben Fisker
Background artist: Camilla Woldby
Character design: Sigurd Grelck
Animation: Sigurd Grelck & Camilla Woldby
Compositing: Esben Fisker & Camilla Woldby
Sound design: Alexander Bernsen