Vika’s Dream

Tiago Marcondes

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Process Imagery

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From the creator:

VIKA'S DREAM tell the story of Vika, a young girl in indonesia, based on a real story we created this animated short movie together with Phenomenons Amsterdam. We hope you enjoy watching, as we enjoyed doing it.

Production: Santa Transmedia
Direction: Alton
Coordenation: Vanderlei Santana
Accounts: Caio Fusco

Art Direction: Alton and Christo Silveira
Concepts: Christo Silveira
Storyboard: Marco Machado
Animatic: Vinicius Capiotti
Backgrounds: Christo Silveira, Rafaella Bueno and Bernardo Fran├ža
Character design: Christo Silveira and Caio Martins
Character animation: Bruno Tedesco
Water animation: Breno Licursi
Cel effects: Arthur Gutilla
Compositing and Background Animation: Guilherme Ferreirinha, Lucas Pasquini and Leo Uehara
Color: Carlos Bumbiers Junior
Sound Design: Marcelo Baldin (Combustion)

Client: ING Netherlands
Costumer Journey Expert: Stephan Swerissen
Agency: phenomenons Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Bruno Tozzini and Ruben Smit
Copywriters (script&voice over): Bruno Tozzini and Ruben Smit

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Is there really no way to go to the Vimeo page or play this in fullscreen from the player window? Or am I just not seeing these options?

Justin Cone

Hmmm… you’re right. I’m not seeing them, either. That’s usually due to the content creator changing the playback controls in Vimeo. (Motionographer has no control over this.)


Wow, that’s super weird. Who would want their video to be embedded somehwere else with no way to get back to the source on Vimeo (other then going to Vimeo and searching).


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