Animator vs Animation IV

Back in 2006, Alan Becker created a Flash animation of a stick figure coming to life and attempting to destroy his maker, an unseen animator.… Read more

Jason Carpenter: The Renter

Do yourself a favor: Stop what you’re doing and, for the next 9 minutes devote your attention to “The Renter,” an animated short by CalArts… Read more

B’zwax “Megalizer”

Monday dance party time! My fave section is 0:30-0:45. (Hat tip to Julien Nantiec.)

Nelson Boles – Little Boat

Nelson Boles is back! His latest project, Little Boat, will put a smile on your face. I guarantee.

Alexander Chen: “Conductor”

Interactive Designer and Google Creative Lab’s own Alexander Chen reinvented the subway map of  New York City into an interactive, real-time instrument at By… Read more

Chris Graf

Forget your plug-ins and check out Chris Graf’s fx reel for some nice effects done frame by frame. I especially like the personality added to… Read more

Adobe CS5 Launch event is today.

Adobe CS5 Launch event is today. Check out the new Roto Brush tool via a Motionworks tutorial as well.

Flame, Fire and Fluid Drawing tools!

Check out these flame, fluid fire, and fluid water particles drawing tools by the talented Peter Blaškovič (Escape Motions). Warning: They are pretty addictive and… Read more

Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake is a new short film by Nick Cross, an Ottawa-based animator who has worked for everyone from Nickelodeon to Spumco over the course… Read more

New Work from Birdo Studio

Check out these three recent projects from the Brazilian Birdo Studio: Sempre Livre is a poppy, colorful Flash animated spot that was made in just… Read more

Flash on the Beach Main Title 2009

The 2009’s Flash on The Beach Main title, created by directorial duo Garth and Ginny, almost slipped our radar, and were glad it didn’t.


A hip short created by another crop of brilliant students at Gobelins by the names of Rémi Bastie, Jean-Baptiste Cumont, Clément Desnos, Jonathan Djob Nkondo… Read more

Actionscript Microcosmos

Frank Reitberger’s Actionscript Microcosmos are fun examples of what can be done with 3D in Flash. (Via The FWA)

VW Rollercoaster

Fun POV CG in the VW Rollercoaster website

Neave updates

Paul Neave has relaunched his digital playground