Nieto for Cracker Barrel

Beautiful – and clever – piece by Nieto and Paranoid US for Cracker Barrel. Love the moments with the rolling egg and flipped pancake where… Read more

Zeitguised “Hyper Triptych”

Zeitguised unveils an amazing series of three “moving still portrait sculptures” in collaboration with the Berlin fashion label Franzius.

Fresh Paint Studios for Epix

Directors Kevin Robinson and Greg Herman crank out 90 (yes, nine-zero) spots for the launch of  EPIX Drive-In, a new B-Movie network.

Marc Reisbig for The Oslo Airport

Glorious miniature animation by Marc Reisbig. The fantastic models were made by wearetheartdepartment, using a selection of hard woods to echo the design of the… Read more

Fugu & Tako

Director Ben West and Robot have just released the trailer for the upcoming short Fugu & Tako

Andrew Huang: Solipsist

Check out the trailer for Solipsist, Andrew Huang’s amazing short film.

Unofficial titles for Dark Knight Rises

Twenty-year-old Doğan Can Gündoğdu created these great unofficial titles for The Dark Knight Rises as a part of a digital video lesson at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul.

Dougal Wilson: Lurpak “Lightest”

I’m loving this colorful, catchy reminder to eat your vegetables. Wieden+Kennedy, Blink, and director Dougal Wilson create a visceral rainbow of food and food experiences… Read more

The Panda Rabbit

A mixture of live-action, puppetry and stop-motion has resulted in the super-cute The Panda Rabbit, by Randy D. Rosario — his debut film as a director/animator.… Read more

Impactist: Plants and Animals EP Promos

Promo for “East (Original Sketch)” We love seeing self-initiated personal projects, so it’s a thrill to see another round of short, sweet, imaginative promos from… Read more

Channel 4 Street Summer promo

Update: MPC’s behind-the-scene ‘making of’. Fascinating stuff! Given the recent riots and looting that’s been plaguing England, I cannot help but post this “Street Summer”… Read more

DMCI: Nick Jr. Idents

The DMC Initiative creates some playful visuals for Nick Jr.

People for Bikes

Guerilla projections, playful illustrations and an interesting concept make this People for Bikes film (and its making-of film) an entertaining, thoughtful watch. (Team included GMUNK, Matt… Read more

Psyop: Fage “Plain”

With the lead-up to F5 taking up so much of our time at Motionographer, we were admittedly led astray and almost (keyword: almost) let a… Read more