The Supraflux Video Camera

The Stabilizer by Supraflux, the guys behind the Picosteady, looks incredibly promising.

Fleur & Manu for M83

Fleur & Manu complete their trilogy for M83 with this spectacular mystic masterpiece. And to recap – here are the previous two:

Macro: A Neon Christmas

Get ready for the flood of holiday-inspired shorts. This one from Neon stands apart, though. No Santa. No reindeer. Not even a Christmas tree. Instead,… Read more

Syndrome Studio gets radioactive

Syndrome Studio gets radioactive with this new production of Imagine Dragons. As Monica Blackburn puts it: “who doesn’t like puppets and Lou Diamond Philips??”

Daito Manabe for Nosaj Thing

Interesting – and beautiful – music video for Nosaj Thing by Daito Manabe. Manabe employed a Point Grey camera to track the dancers – all… Read more

Prologue: “Elementary” Title Sequence

Prologue’s Creative Director Simon Clowes has crafted an elegantly sinister title sequence for CBS’ new series, “Elementary,” starring Jonny Lee Miller as a contemporary Sherlock… Read more

Willow: Sweater by Filip Sterckx

Without a doubt, one of the most clever projection-based pieces I’ve ever seen. Michelle Higa and I were comparing our favorite moments, and it quickly… Read more

J’aurai Ta Peau

J’aurai Ta Peau: Extremely visceral and atmospheric skin-based piece done by four students from Supinfocom. (Slight Tasteful NSFW Warning!)

Make it Rad!

Make it Rad, the neat portfolio of Director Brad Tucker!

“Metamorphosis” by Tell No One

A luminous retelling of Titian’s Metamorphosis by Tell No One. Nice performances by Anna Friel and Ed Speleers.

Labour for littleBits

Nice piece by Labour for the littleBits system – love that some of the animation is actually achieved through littleBits constructions. I saw littleBits featured… Read more

Voile Noir

An intense and technically excellent student film co-directed by ArtFX School students Michael Balthazart, Raphael Gaudin, Clément Granjon de Lépiney and Quentin Sauvinet.